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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1681496781554692393163268*Harshal ShitootSt Clair United2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Ryde Hunters Hill
25513925081554608393170455*Prashant AhluwaliaSchofields2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's2 1Ryde Hunters Hill
3528925651552009396280752*Wade ButlerGeorges River2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's6 1Lane Cove
4511496781554692396265851*Harshal ShitootSt Clair United2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's4 1NWS Hurricanes
5516054741551394393163351Shailendra PatelStrathfield2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Castle Hill
6511358441552013396282151Alexander T MurphyRoseville2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's7 1Strathfield
75022666271552017393162950*Anil KEpping2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Lindfield
8501073861552016393163050*Andrew BurtonNWS Hurricanes2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Georges River
95015714491552016393163050Michael PhillipsNWS Hurricanes2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Georges River
105013925081554608396281150*Prashant AhluwaliaSchofields2021/2022Sydney Masters Over 40's6 1Burwood Briars
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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