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1151 Brian Newton - Charlie Deguara Burwood Briars Cricket ClubSydney Classics Over 50s4 1 Ku-ring-gai
2180 Todd O'Keefe - Matthew Lewis SriLanka Lions Sports ClubSydney Classics Over 50s4 1 Strathfield
3151 Peter Nielsen - Jeffery Ewing Roseville Cricket ClubSydney Classics Over 50s4 1 Western Suburbs Cavaliers Cricket Club
492 Ray Kingshott - Neil Strachan Hunter Veterans CricketSydney Vintage (Over 60's) Competition1 1 Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club
562 Robert Burnell - Lindsay Le Bas Georges River Cricket ClubSydney Vintage (Over 60's) Competition6 1 Sri Lanka Lions Sports Club
6140 Shanti Ratnam - Gamini JAYAWARDANE SriLanka Lions Sports ClubSydney Vintage (Over 60's) Competition1 1 Hunter Veterans Cricket
7165 Kim Smith - Mark McRae Lane Cove Cricket ClubSydney Classics Over 50s7 1 St Clair United Legends
852 Lucas Parsons - Jai Thomas Lane Cove Cricket ClubSydney Masters Over 40's6 1 Georges River
953 Simon Millard - David Sevier Ryde Hunters Hill Pirates Cricket ClubSydney Masters Over 40's4 1 Epping
953 rodney Ford - Jeff Loomes Burwood Briars Cricket ClubSydney Vintage (Over 60's) Competition9 1 Roseville
1029 Stuart Ridge - Paul Georgiadis Cricketers Club of NSWSydney Vintage (Over 60's) Competition2 1 Roseville

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